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Feedback - can't live with it, can't live without it.

What exactly is feedback? According to the dictionary, it’s a noun that (amongst many explanations) is an opinion foremost; information or statements of opinion about something (such as a new product) that can tell you if it is successful or liked.   There’s a time and a place for feedback. If you want to understand your customer, and what they are looking for so you can bring new products or services to market (or make existing ones better) – then feedback is your answer.

If you’re after feedback on your work to validate whether it’s good or bad, then that’s definitely a very different thing.
The thing about feedback, is that you usually only ask about for it if you are not confident in the decision. Because if you were, then you probably wouldn’t be asking for feedback.
You might be questioning this. Perhaps you are thinking – No, I ask for feedback because I just want to confirm that I’m on the right track.But doesn’t that imply a level of uncertainty in the outcome?
Or even, that you …

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